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The website are sole property of ALEAVINI S.L. All contents except names, registered trademarks and logotypes belonging to third parties are property ALEAVINI and are protected by the corresponding norms and laws of copyright.

ALEAVINI S.L. is registered as a trademark and belongs, the trademark as well as all its contents, to ALEAVINI S.L. with address C/ Capitán Cortés, 1 - 3º 24001 – León. Spain. CIF: B24694176

When you visit us we don not ask for any personal information unless you decide to supply us with this information voluntarily through one of our contact forms. We do not share your email address with ant other organisation and we act according to LOPD 15/99.

The suppliers of the internet service that provide links to other contents or include in their contents searches take no responsibility for the information that their service directs them to when the supplier does not have previous knowledge that the activity to which the user is being sent is illicit OR if they do have previous knowledge act diligently to suppress or eliminate this link.

Network operators and suppliers and web access suppliers that provide mediation services which consist of transmitting, through the web, information provided by the service user or easing access to this information will not be held responsible for the information transmitted except in the case that they themselves have originated the transmission, modified or selected the information or the destination of this information.

The mediation service providers which store information provided by the service user will not be held responsible for the information stored at the petition of the service user if they do not know that this information or activity is illicit OR if they do know act accordingly to remove the information or make access to this information impossible.

Commercial communication and promotional offers are controlled by the LSSI hence by the laws and norms for publicity and commercialisation in vigour. Also the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de carácter personal will be applied and its norms especially ascertaining to the acquisition of personal information, the information of interested parties and the creation and maintenance of personal information files will be upheld.

The company takes no responsibility for damage caused to the users computing equipment for causes outside its control, nor for damage caused by computer viruses or internet.

To settle any controversy that may occur with respect to the interpretation or compliance of the norms in vigour, the Juzgados y Tribunales de Asturias will be used.

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