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Since 2005 we have been working as the export department of Spanish wineries, providing tailored strategies to export their wines to international markets.

Are you a Winery?

We work as an export department. We are part of your team with your same goals and values. A vision that we transmit to importers. Let your wine travel with us.

Are you an importer?

At Aleavini we provide tailor-made solutions and advice for all those importers who wish to incorporate Spanish wines into their portfolio. We find the ideal wine for each country.

Make your own label

At Aleavini you can create a unique wine brand to surprise your customers. We will take care of the design of the label and find the best wine that suits your needs.

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Best wines in the world are Spanish

España es un país con una larga tradición vitivinícola que se remonta a la época romana. Actualmente, es uno de los mayores productores de vino del mundo y cuenta con una amplia variedad de uvas y...

Best white wines

España es uno de los países con mayor tradición vinícola del mundo, y su producción de vinos blancos no es la excepción. En toda la geografía española se elaboran vinos blancos de gran calidad, con...

Let's change together
the Spanish wines market.

At Aleavini we are passionate about Spanish wine. Quality wines with a clear commitment to terroir. We work for them bringing them closer to any point in the world. That is why our job is to build bridges between a selection of the best Spanish wine producers and the best importers.

Aleavini is more than an agency dedicated to the export of spanish wines. We are a multidisciplinary team, with different functions and attributions, but all aimed at excellence. We work tirelessly, proactively focused on results. Not in the short term, but in the long term. We love our job, we love to travel, we love wine.


tech manager // co-founder

Ruth De Andrés

Ruth is one of the founders and the winemaker. She has always had an aptitude for wine and sensory communication. A highly appreciated value in the international market. Ruth greets all importers at wine shows. She graduated in Chemistry and Oenology, she also studied postgraduate courses in Bordeaux and Barcelona.


project manager // co-founder

Ana De Andrés

Ana has always been a great defender of lost causes and finds wine importers where you least expect it. She graduated in Psychology and Labor Sciences, she also trained in Finland and at the University of Green Bay (United States). She has worked for large multinational consultancies, which has given her an undeniable client projection and a future-oriented strategic vision.

Cecilia Madrigal

Marketing Manager


Export Officer
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"Your wine must tell the story of who you are and to include all the things you love."


At Aleavini we are convinced of which Spanish wines we want to sell and who are the people we want to meet.

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