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We work as export department. We are a part of your team with your same goals and values. A vision that we transmit to the importers. Let your wine journey with us.


Aleavini provides tailored solutions and advice for importers looking to incorporate Spanish wines in its portfolio. Find the suitable wine for every country.


In Aleavini elaborate Spanish wines only with a philosophy sustainable. We talk about grape varieties and of philosophy. We are believers of the soil vineyards and the terroir. Know our brands.

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Let's change together the market

In Aleavini we are passionate about the Spanish wine. Quality wines with a clear focus on the terroir. We work for them, bringing them closer to any point of the world. That's why our job is to build bridges between a selection of the best producers of Spanish wine and the best importers.

Aleavini is more than a company dedicated to the export of Spanish wines. We are a multidisciplinary team, with different functions and powers, but all aimed at excellence. We work tirelessly and proactively 

focused on results. Do not short-term, but long term. We love our job, we love traveling, we love wine.


tech manager // co-founder

Ruth Of Andrew

Ruth is co-founder and winemaker. Has always had a special fitness for the wine and sensory communication. A value highly prized in the international market. Ruth greets to all importers in the wine trade. A degree in Chemistry and Oenology, he also studied postgraduate courses in Bordeaux and Barcelona.

Ruth Andres

Ana de Andrés


project manager // co-founder

Ana Of Andrew

Ana has always been a great champion of lost causes and located importers of wine where you least expect it. A degree in Psychology and Sciences of the Work, also formed in Finland and at the University of Green Bay (the united States). He has worked for large consulting firms which has left an undeniable projection to the customer and a strategic vision that is future-oriented.

Cecilia Madrigal

Marketing Manager


Export Officer
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“Your wine, you must tell the story of who are you and be a collection of all that you love.”

There are
Spanish wines
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We carefully select our producers. We choose our wine cellars for the quality of its wines, of course. But also because we share with them some values, a philosophy of work and, above all, the love for the land, the vineyards and the wine. We work with families, entrepreneurs and businessmen proud representatives of their land, of their grapes and their bottles.


In Aleavini we are convinced of what the Spanish wines that we want to sell and who are the people that we want to know.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Very proud to represent for all the world the Spanish Wine

Spain it is located between the first three wine-producing countries worldwidewith a large part of its territory dedicated to the cultivation of grapes for the wine industry and regions with historical baggage in the production of wine dating back centuries ago.

Is sweet wine, dry wine, red wine or white wine, the Spanish wines today they have a place among the great of the winemaking process, and this recognition has not only been achieved within the same Spanish territory, but has managed to spread to the rest of Europe, to the point that there is a greater export of wine to import in Spain. 

Between the regions most famous are Castilla-La Mancha, with more than 700 thousand hectares doomed only to the cultivation of grapes, Andalusia and Extremadura, among others.

In that case, our website puedes conseguir y comprar los mejores vinos españoles con un excelente precio…¿te lo vas a perder?

Vinos españoles

Varieties of Spanish wines

The Spanish wines have more than 600 grape varieties are distributed throughout the national territory, although only 20 of these varieties they are used to a large extent, to the development of almost 80% of the wines of the country. 

Among the varieties most famous may find the variety Airénfor wines, fruity and light in color, Tempranillofor robust wines and red and the Grenachededicated to the red and rosé star the country, to name a few.  

It is the rich availability of varieties and knowledge honed over centuries by the vintners, which has positioned itself to Spain as a wine producer of the first level in the world. 

Another element that the winemakers spaniards have been able to exploit wisely, it is the world of the organic wineswith multiple Appellations of Origin and credited to the present day one or more wines from this class. 

For these winemakers, the key is in keep the wine production processes our ancestors used about 5 or 6 thousand years ago.

Buy the best Spanish wines

Bring to your table a part of the heritage of Spain it is possible today, by having access to our selection of Spanish wines to the sale on our web site. 

Access our catalog online and verifies the high quality of the grapes born or sponsored in Spanish lands, buying a Spanish wine formidable....

Price of Spanish wines

Spanish wines are a great choice when it comes to price: take home a drink of exceptional quality, with a process perfected and great dedication on the part of the workers behind every bottle. 

While there are bottles of Spanish wine, luxury, usually of wineries that are used to handle high prices, there are many wineries that produce wines of outstanding quality at affordable prices.

I purchase the best Spanish wine here!

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