Spanish wines travel with us

The best is yet to come it is one of our favorite songs of Frank Sinatra. When we think of Spanish wines, we think of the people who make it possible. And vice versa. Our journey together begins here and now. We connect the best Spanish wines all over the world. And, best of all is that we love what we do.


Aleavini is more than a company dedicated to exporting Spanish wines. We are your visible face in the international market. We work enthusiastically and we have very clear objectives.

We are close to you, understand your wine Spanish, we taste and value.

We offer you some guidance in the markets optimum where we can lead the market of Spanish wine. And first and foremost, we are a professional and multi-disciplinary. We provide creative solutions and different to your needs. We have twenty years of experience in the wine sector, we know the wine, the land and the source... and above all to a multitude of importers all over the world.

Ruth Andres


Tech manager // co-founder

Ruth Andrew

Ruth is co-founder and winemaker. Has always had a special fitness for the wine and sensory communication. A value highly prized in the international market.

Ruth greets to all importers in the wine trade. A degree in Chemistry and Oenology, he also studied postgraduate courses in Bordeaux and Barcelona.


project manager // co-founder

Ana Of Andrew

Ana has always been a great champion of lost causes and located importers of wine where you least expect it. A degree in Psychology and Sciences of the Work, also formed in Finland and at the University of Green Bay (the united States).

He has worked for large consulting firms which has left an undeniable projection to the customer and a strategic vision that is future-oriented.

Ana de Andrés

Cecilia Madrigal

Marketing Manager


Export Officer

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