The world is not enough
for the Spanish wineries

We are not agents or brokers, but we work side by side with our producers to get its objectives in foreign markets.

What do we do?

We are your best team

Aleavini works as an external wine export department. We provide the knowledge, experience and contacts with importers so that you can achieve your business objectives.

Discover new markets

We create strategies to open new international markets based on the identity of your Spanish wines. And when we achieve it, we will consolidate the market based on planned actions.

International wine importers

We are clear that the most important thing in the sale of Spanish wine is the transmission of knowledge and adaptation to the destination markets. Our key is the team and the contacts to globalize your wines.

We design marketing and positioning actions necessary for each market, in close collaboration with the representatives. of each territory.

We will take care of you and we will lead the wine market by establishing the appropriate synergies between the winery and importers. We work strategically to achieve a consolidated presence in export markets- professionalism, seriousness and long-term vision are our objectives

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